What to do with your pet after they die

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy.

When you first welcome a new pet into your family, ‘What if my pet dies?’ is the last thing on your mind.

Pets can pass away suddenly or may have a long life, but either way, you may not have considered what happens next.  Here are some common next steps that pet owners take once their pet has passed away.

Some pet owners may prefer that their vet handle their pet’s body once they’ve passed.  But if your pet does pass away at the vet, you may prefer to be able to bring your beloved companion home for a funeral and burial. Before you decide that burying your pet is the right option for you, be sure to check with your council regulations first. Most councils do not allow the burial of pets after euthanasia due to the medication in the animal’s body. If you are renting, pet burial may also not be a suitable option for you.

Some pet owners would prefer to choose pet cremation. There are many keepsakes and pet urns you can choose from to keep your pet’s memory with you forever. Pet cremation is a good option if you know that you’ll be moving home and don’t want to leave a beloved pet behind.

If you do decide to cremate your pet, our Pets at Rest team can help ease the burden of losing your companion. Our team will respectfully collect your pet from your vet or your home when they pass away and follow your wishes. The Pets at Rest team are just a phone call away. So if your pet dies suddenly, or if you need to make arrangements in advance, the team will be there for you.

At Pets at Rest, your pet is treated with love and dignity on their final journey, as if they were our own. Your pet is also individually cremated. So you can be rest assured that only your pet’s ashes will return to you.

We understand that a pet’s death can happen when we least expect. This can also become a financial burden that creates additional stress at an already emotional time.  With that in mind, Pets at Rest offer affordable pet cremation services with the ability to select a payment option that best suits your needs. If you’re preparing to farewell your pet and have time to plan your next steps, we have a pre-payment option for our pet cremation services. If you need more time to pay for a pet cremation service, Pets at Rest also has payment plans available to suit your needs.

At Pets at Rest, dog cremation and cat cremation may be our most common serviced offered, but our team can chat to you about options for your bird, small animals and some other pets too.

If you ever are unsure what to do next when your pet passes away, our friendly team are happy to discuss your needs directly, so you can have a fitting pet memorial and celebrate your pet’s life.

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