How To Memorialise Your Pet

Losing a pet is always hard. One day your loyal companion is by your side and the next, they’re not. It’s a tough time, but it doesn’t have to end there. It can be very beneficial to honour your pet’s memory with a memorial of some sort. Consider these special ways to honour your late companion.

Share your pet’s story online

We live in the age of internet famous pets. Everyone knows Nathan the Beach Cat! Sharing photos and stories with the rest of the world can help you express and process your emotions while immortalising your beloved pet online. Hundreds of thousands around the world mourned the loss of internet pets like Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. There is a world of pet lovers that will offer appreciation and understanding in your time of need.

Get your photos developed

In a digital age it’s sometimes hard to remember all the photos we’ve taken of our pets on our phones or cameras. Take the time to go through your photos of your beloved pet and get them developed to display in a frame or album.

Plant a tree

Create new life by planting your favourite tree, plant or flower in honour of your pet. Sit back, watch it grow and reflect on all of your happy memories.

Wearable pet jewellery

Sometimes you may choose to have your pet close to your heart. Our pet memorial jewellery range means that you can wear some of your pet’s ashes as a necklace, so your beloved companion is always nearby.

Make a donation

You can honour your pet by helping other animals in need. It may take some time to change your home and the spaces your pet used to occupy. It’s a difficult time. But once you’re ready, donating your pet’s items to other animals less fortunate can bring joy and comfort to you and others. Items such as blankets, toys and food are always appreciated by pets in need at the RSPCA. Monetary donations can also go a long way to helping another pet find a new home.

Volunteer to help other animals in need

If you’d prefer not to donate items or money, why not donate your time to an animal shelter? Being around animals can be the best therapy during this difficult time of loss. You can help yourself heal, and animals in need that also have broken hearts. You might even meet a new best friend when the time is right. RSPCA Queensland are always on the lookout for volunteers, and are here to support you.

Should I cremate my pet?

Pet cremation is becoming more and more common when families lose their beloved animals. Pet cremation provides assurance, closure and respect to those that were faithful to you throughout their lives.

Pets at Rest Queensland is here for you throughout the whole process.

A pet’s death doesn’t have to be the end of their story. By memorialising them, you can keep their legacy alive and remember them forever.

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