Distracting yourself after cremating your pet

The bereavement process starts even before you lose your companion, because you know what’s coming. After cremating your pet the sense of loss and all the overwhelming emotions that come with it will hit you HARD. Of course you can wallow, but only to a point. And that’s why we made this list of things to do.


Utilise your hobbies

Think of something you’re good at. Is it painting? Writing poetry? Making miniatures?

You return to your hobbies because you enjoy them, or at least get lost in them. During the pet cremation process your hobbies are just one healthy outlet. It’s better than sitting and overthinking your loss.


Listen to some podcasts

We live in a digital age and more people than ever are listening to podcasts. Time to hop on the train like everyone else! If you have a particular interest, there’s a podcast for it. Business, art, obscure facts, the works. Though only 30% of Aussies listen to podcasts, 72% surveyed are aware of the term, that’s higher than Americans!

Download some of these free podcasts and get educated:

Get on your Podcast app, stat


Watch a comedy

Something laugh out loud funny. You don’t need to watch something straight away; good laughter isn’t forced. Put on Friends or How I Met Your Mother; classics that’ll cheer you up with minimal effort.



No, you won’t feel like it and you’re most likely rolling your eyes at this point. But after losing and cremating your pet it’s ideal to get active again. You’ve watched your comedy (or some other genre that makes you feel good) and now it’s time to put the runners on. Remember the podcasts from point number 2? Stick those earbuds in, press play and hit the pavement.

Eat something

Use this tip within reason. Putting your health first is vital. Comfort food is okay occasionally. Have that piece of cake/ice-cream/burrito and enjoy it, but don’t make it a regular occurance.

When we grieve, our bodies go into shock. You mightn’t feel like eating at all. But it’s necessary to cope with the emotions that won’t stop coming. Something simple, like soup, is enough when you’re not up for a full on meal.



Take your mind off your own troubles and help people with theirs. Plus you’ll leave feeling better about doing an act of kindness.

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