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How to Prepare for the Loss of a Pet

By Pets at Rest Team | Feb 20, 2019

We are often fearful of death; it’s not a very interesting topic to talk about. It doesn’t really encourage happiness. But death, being inevitable, means that one way or another we have to come to terms with it. Every pet owner prepares himself for the death of his pet. Be it mentally or preparing for … Continued

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How to Welcome a New Kitten/Cat into Your Home

By Pets at Rest Team | Feb 18, 2019

Cats are extremely territorial animals so change can be quite disturbing for them; both change in territory and in owner. If you’re getting a kitten, the experience of leaving their mum will be very scary and overwhelming. Similarly, changing a cats’ home can be as equally as scary. So, to ensure the transition is as … Continued

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Why the Loss of a Pet can be as Painful as Losing a Relative?

By Pets at Rest Team | Jan 24, 2019

The worst fear of a pet owner is losing his/her pet. Losing a beloved companion can be a comprehensive loss for someone close to their pets. The intense pain and the loss one feels when they lose their pet is comparable to losing a relative or friend. Just like one creates a memorial for their … Continued

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Understanding your Cat and their Body Language

By Pets at Rest Team | Jan 21, 2019

While it might seem pointless to learn how to, well “speak cat” because you are, well, simply human. It can be extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons, predominantly due to the potential of improving your relationship and being able to understand more about them and what they need at different times. Cats are curious … Continued

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How to Explain Pet Cremation to Your Children

By Pets at Rest Team | Jan 18, 2019

Pet Cremation can be a difficult thing for any of us to wrap our heads around, however, this is especially true for children. Cremating a pet is a difficult experience and can put strain on your family. Therefore, it’s important to know how to deal with it before it presents itself, especially for your children’ … Continued

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How to Avoid Dental Disease in Dogs

By Pets at Rest Team | Dec 6, 2018

Dental Disease is becoming increasingly prevalent in dogs which can lead to a variety of issues. Most predominantly though, dental disease can affect the overall health of a dog. Due to dogs’ mouths being far more alkaline than ours, they’re able to form much more plaque than we do. Bacteria lives in Plaque which can … Continued

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Protecting Your Dog from Canine Flu, Naturally

By Pets at Rest Team | Nov 27, 2018

It’s never pleasant to discover your pet in pain. Sometimes when we notice our pet displaying symptoms of illness, or peculiar behaviour we can jump to conclusions and stress ourselves out. It’s common, during these times, to start thinking about pet cremation and pet funerals. However, there’s one illness that can actually be treated at … Continued

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Paying your Respects through Pet Cremation

By Pets at Rest Team | Nov 27, 2018

Without a shadow of a doubt, people consider their pet as a family member and play an important role in their lives. Therefore, when it comes to the final day of their pet’s life, people are usually willing to spend some money in order to ease the sting of ‘goodbye’. These days, people most commonly … Continued

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How to Help Your Child Cope with Losing a Pet

By Pets at Rest Team | Nov 7, 2018

No matter how old you are, losing a pet can be a huge shock; pet funerals are an overwhelming realisation that make your stomach sink and your heart hurt. While we all grieve loss in different ways, children in particular can really struggle. They’re not yet equipped with the emotional intelligence to process loss maturely. Therefore, it’s … Continued

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