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Common Questions about Pets at Rest QLD Pet Cremation

By Pets at Rest Team | Jun 10, 2019

Pet Cremation certainly isn’t the most straight forward topic, especially if you have never had to experience pet cremation before. This article will be a Question and Answer type of piece, answering all of your questions regarding pet cremation. Is it a door to door service? Yes, we provide a door to door service whereby … Continued

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4 Ways to Keep your Dog Healthy

By Pets at Rest Team | Jun 10, 2019

It’s extremely important to keep your dog/s healthy and happy throughout their life. Many people don’t actively take action towards their pets’ health, but there are certain things that you need to ensure you’re doing for your dog to keep their health maintained. This article will outline a few steps you can take towards your … Continued

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Thinking of Welcoming a Second Cat into your Household? This is what You Need to Consider

By Pets at Rest Team | May 13, 2019

Cats are gorgeous, playful, challenging and often affectionate pets to have. However, at the same time, they can be extremely territorial and aggressive towards other cats. Therefore, having two cats in one household can be tricky. Nevertheless, there are many households with more than one cat, so this article will explain how the best way … Continued

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Establishing Boundaries with Your Pet Dog

By Pets at Rest Team | Apr 30, 2019

Whether you are a first-time pet parent or you have bought a puppy for a fresh start after cremating a dog, setting boundaries for your new furry member is essential. Letting a dog understand his limits is very important but training him is the toughest part. When to Train Your Dog? It’s the most obvious … Continued

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When Should You Get Another Dog After Your Dog Dies?

By Pets at Rest Team | Mar 20, 2019

Losing your companion is never easy. We are often filled with feelings of grief, irritation, and loneliness after the loss of a pet. These kinds of feelings may affect our decision-making power. Some dog owners struggle with the thought of getting another dog after their dog dies. The question is, how long should one wait … Continued

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5 Ways to Keep your Outdoor Cat Safe and Healthy

By Pets at Rest Team | Mar 19, 2019

If you have an outdoor cat, you’ll probably be aware of the statistics about their life expectancy in comparison to indoor cats. Outdoor cats are much more likely to get a tic or various diseases that threaten their livelihood. However, there are ways you can ensure your outdoor cat is staying healthy. By adopting the … Continued

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How to Prepare for the Loss of a Pet

By Pets at Rest Team | Feb 20, 2019

We are often fearful of death; it’s not a very interesting topic to talk about. It doesn’t really encourage happiness. But death, being inevitable, means that one way or another we have to come to terms with it. Every pet owner prepares himself for the death of his pet. Be it mentally or preparing for … Continued

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How to Welcome a New Kitten/Cat into Your Home

By Pets at Rest Team | Feb 18, 2019

Cats are extremely territorial animals so change can be quite disturbing for them; both change in territory and in owner. If you’re getting a kitten, the experience of leaving their mum will be very scary and overwhelming. Similarly, changing a cats’ home can be as equally as scary. So, to ensure the transition is as … Continued

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Why the Loss of a Pet can be as Painful as Losing a Relative?

By Pets at Rest Team | Jan 24, 2019

The worst fear of a pet owner is losing his/her pet. Losing a beloved companion can be a comprehensive loss for someone close to their pets. The intense pain and the loss one feels when they lose their pet is comparable to losing a relative or friend. Just like one creates a memorial for their … Continued

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