Paw Cylinder S/Steel


J8032 Paw Print Heart Bronze

Heart Paw Print Pendant Bronze


J8042 Round Hinged - Paw Print

Paw Pendant Bronze


J8023 Pewter Round with Cat Silhouette

Cat Pendant Pewter


J8010 Onyx Cylinder with Paws back

Cylinder Pendant Onyx



Paw Heart Bracelet S/Steel


J8033 Heart Paw Print Pewter

Heart Paw Pendant Pewter


J8027 Pewter Round with Big Paw

Large Paw Pendant Pewter


J8061 Round Hinged - Love my Cat

Love My Cat Pendant Pewter


J8063 Round Hinged - Love my Dog

Love My Dog Pendant Pewter



Pet Jewellery Cat Stirling Silver Pendant