We understand that at such a difficult time, you need immediate answers to your concerns.  We hope the following will assist, however, please contact us if you require any further information.

Where will my pet be cremated?

Your pet will be cremated at our RSPCA QLD Facilities located at 139 Wacol Station Road, Wacol.

Where do the profits go?

All proceeds of this initiative are utilised by the RSPCA QLD for Animal Welfare.

Are the staff employed by the RSPCA QLD?

Yes, all staff of this initiative are employed by RSPCA QLD.

Is it a door to door service?

Yes, we can pick up your pet from your home or nominated Veterinarian Clinic.

When will I receive my pet’s ashes?

Your pet’s ashes will be returned to your home or nominated veterinarian clinic, normally within 7 working days.

Is my pet cremated individually?

Yes, your pet will be cremated individually. We guarantee the return of your pet’s ashes.

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card, upfront and payment plans are available. We offer 3 month and 6 month plans. Cash payments can be made by arrangements.

Payments can also be made directly to some veterinarian clinics.

Are there a variety of packages available?

Yes, there are 4 packages available starting from $250.

Are optional extras available?

Yes, optional extras are available. The waiting period for these is up to 21 days.

How can I order a package?

You can order a package via our website, through the call centre, Pet’s At Rest QLD Staff or your Veterinarian Clinic.

What are your office hours?

Office hours are 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 9am – 4pm. Our call centre is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

How are you contactable?

We are contactable via email info@petsatrestqld.com.au, and phone 1300 543 543 or 3258 5664.

Do you charge for Sunday pick-ups?

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Yes, additional charges do apply for a Sunday pick-up. Please contact us for details.

Why should I use the RSPCA Pets At Rest QLD pet cremation service?

The RSPCA is a community based charity and all proceeds of this initiative are utilised by the RSPCA for animal welfare. We are also in a unique position both to nurture over 50,000 animals in its care, but also able to support pet owners and lovers, including attending professionals such as veterinarians, who require assistance at the end of the pets life.