5 Signs Your Cat Is Stressed

Cats may experience stress and fear during some situations and especially when changes take place in their lives. They are no different from human beings and may not welcome changes or certain situations in their lives. Pet lovers are quite fond of their cats and find cat cremation difficult to deal with. Pet owners leave … Continued

End-of-Life Options for Pets

Saying goodbye to your pet is always a hard and heartfelt time for you and your family, and while very difficult, the burden of distress is often eased by making decisions about how to keep their memory close to your heart and home. To many of us, our pets are our friends, they are family, … Continued

How To Memorialise Your Pet

Losing a pet is always hard. One day your loyal companion is by your side and the next, they’re not. It’s a tough time, but it doesn’t have to end there. It can be very beneficial to honour your pet’s memory with a memorial of some sort. Consider these special ways to honour your late … Continued

What to do with your pet after they die

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy. When you first welcome a new pet into your family, ‘What if my pet dies?’ is the last thing on your mind. Pets can pass away suddenly or may have a long life, but either way, you may not have considered what happens next.  Here are some … Continued

5 Tips for Vets to Choose the Best Crematorium

Are you finding a genuine crematorium for your beloved pet? There are a few ones out there who match up your expectations and are the best for pet cremation or pet burial. Such crematoriums ensure that every process is defined and completed so that your pet receives the service he deserves. Here are some of … Continued

When Should You Get Another Dog After Your Dog Dies?

Losing your companion is never easy. We are often filled with feelings of grief, irritation, and loneliness after the loss of a pet. These kinds of feelings may affect our decision-making power. Some dog owners struggle with the thought of getting another dog after their dog dies. The question is, how long should one wait … Continued

Choosing the Right Pet Cremation Option

We all love our pets unconditionally. Whether your pet is a faithful dog, a sneaky cat, a tiny hamster, a cute rabbit or a beautiful bird, the love for our pets remains the same. It’s heartbreaking when our close to heart creature leaves us forever. That’s why choosing the right pet cremation option is something we … Continued

Distracting yourself after cremating your pet

The bereavement process starts even before you lose your companion, because you know what’s coming. After cremating your pet the sense of loss and all the overwhelming emotions that come with it will hit you HARD. Of course you can wallow, but only to a point. And that’s why we made this list of things … Continued

Pet memorials

Losing an animal companion is traumatic and pet memorials are one way their owners choose to keep their memory alive. Whether they were around for a short period or over a decade, your beloved dog, cat or even your horse was a part of your family.  Why even do pet memorials? As written before, pets become … Continued

Pet cremation; why do it?

Pet cremation is a practice that’s gained momentum slowly but surely. There’s a variety of ways people choose to bury their pet and traditional burials are getting passed over in favour of cremation. Closure Any death is traumatic, especially when ties are close. Losing an animal companion is like losing a limb or missing your … Continued