Saying Final Goodbye to Your Pet at Home

Nowadays, most pet owners prefer to say final goodbye to their pets in their own home. Cremation for pets is a painful thing for pet lovers and it may take months and years to overcome the sadness caused by pets’ death. The unwell pet may endure immense pain and stress during visits to vets. And … Continued

End-of-Life Options for Pets

Saying goodbye to your pet is always a hard and heartfelt time for you and your family, and while very difficult, the burden of distress is often eased by making decisions about how to keep their memory close to your heart and home. To many of us, our pets are our friends, they are family, … Continued

4 Common Myths about Pet Cremation

Pets are an integral part of many families all across the globe. They provide you with unconditional love and care. There is a strong bond between pets and their owners; they are like family. So, when pets suffer, it causes enormous pain to their owners. And, the situation becomes unbearable when pets die and bid … Continued

Things You Must Consider Before Euthanising Your Pet

When your furry friend begins to give you indications of their end of life, it’s not going to be an easy time. Seeing your pet in pain is one of the most difficult things that you may ever experience. Many pet owners suffer with depression when their pets die. Cremation for dogs is the sad … Continued

4 Tips to Cope with the Loss of a Pet after Euthanasia

It is one of the toughest decisions on the part of pet owners. If the pet is too unwell to recover, you may ask your veterinarian to provide humane death by euthanasia. It is a heart-wrenching moment for pet owners to see their pets suffer continuously. And, cremation for pets may cause extreme grief for … Continued

When Should You Get Another Dog After Your Dog Dies?

Losing your companion is never easy. We are often filled with feelings of grief, irritation, and loneliness after the loss of a pet. These kinds of feelings may affect our decision-making power. Some dog owners struggle with the thought of getting another dog after their dog dies. The question is, how long should one wait … Continued

How to Prepare for the Loss of a Pet

We are often fearful of death; it’s not a very interesting topic to talk about. It doesn’t really encourage happiness. But death, being inevitable, means that one way or another we have to come to terms with it. Every pet owner prepares himself for the death of his pet. Be it mentally or preparing for … Continued

How to Explain Pet Cremation to Your Children

Pet Cremation can be a difficult thing for any of us to wrap our heads around, however, this is especially true for children. Cremating a pet is a difficult experience and can put strain on your family. Therefore, it’s important to know how to deal with it before it presents itself, especially for your children’ … Continued