What to Do When Your Dog Dies at Home

The most devastating thing that pet lovers face is pet burial. The grief of losing a pet can be immense and it may take years to come to terms with the loss. Many pet owners do not treat their pet just like a dog but an integral member of the family. A pet plays an important role in our lives and helps us overcome huge distress and depression with ease. They keep us entertained and busy the entire day. And, when the cherished pet passes away, it is natural to feel agonized by the loss.

Many of you may not be aware of what to do in case your canine friend dies at home. Here are some crucial details that will help you deal with pet loss:

1. Ask for assistance with your dog body:

It will be tough for you to handle the body of your beloved pet and you may need someone’s help. It is ideal to call someone you trust to help you make some vital decisions. The person will also support you emotionally during this heartbreaking moment.

2. Call your vet:

You may also call your vet if your pet passes away at your home. Your vet may assist you with essential services that will help to cremate your dog. They may call Pets at Rest who will assist you with various services during this difficult time. In the meantime, you can decide on aftercare services.

3. How to handle your dog’s body:

At this crucial juncture, you need to handle and store your pet’s remains in a proper manner. It is worth noting that your dog’s body starts decomposing soon after death. It is crucial to seek the help of someone who knows how to handle situations like this, such as Pets at Rest. And, the higher the temperature, the faster the pet’s body will begin to decompose. It is suggested to keep a bag of ice over the body until some help arrives.

4. Contact the local council:

Notify your local council either by phone or email. You must notify your local council of your pet’s death within 28 days. You may need to hand over documents from your vet in case your dog has been declared dangerous. You can either check on Google with ‘pet cremation near me’ or you can also ask your vet for help.


The above points will help you deal with the difficult situation. Pet lovers take years to overcome this tragic loss. It is difficult to cope with the condition when your pet passes away at home. Nothing is more painful than the sight of your lifeless pet. You may find several local pet services where pet cremation takes place.

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