What everyone ought to know about dog cremation

Dog cremation closes the circle of life. An animal lives with its family, faithfully, providing comfort and companionship. When the dog passes away, it’s a shock and there’s little time to process the next step. Pets at Rest cremation services come at a good time in this regard.


Dog cremation shouldn’t be disregarded as ‘odd’. Owners are hurting enough without judgement or doubts from others adding to the mix. Not everyone wants to buy their pet in a long, drawn out ceremony.


Pets at Rest services have partnerships with vets around Brisbane. There’s the option of having a door-to-door service or of having your pet picked up at the clinic. Many owners prefer the door-to-door service so they have the opportunity to grieve in their own home. Their companion is put to rest in a familiar environment and everyone is spared the trauma of walking through the clinic, knowing what’s coming.


Dog cremation is a simple process with the help of your vet and the Pets at Rest team. The company is owned and operated by the RSPCA, local to Brisbane. The cremations themselves are carried out at the RSPCA’s base in Wacol. Owners can pay in full or in installments on the website, and no detail is spared. All packages come with access to a grief counsellor and a keepsake to remember your companion by.


After the dog cremation, their ashes are either sent to the vet or owner’s home within a week. The internet abounds with stories about mixed cremations, adding to the grief of the owner not knowing if they got the whole of their animal returned to them. Pets at Rest guarantees individual cremation to give peace of mind.


Payments to Pets at Rest help fund the RSPCA’s operations. They benefit the shelters, retail stores, and the cremation services themselves.  

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