Tips to Help Your Grieving Pet and Overcome Their Pain

Scientists have confirmed what all pet owners know, animals grieve when they lose their fellow pets. Pet cremation is not only difficult for human beings but for animals as well. A study was carried out on 311 cats and dogs in Australia and New Zealand which concluded that animals also show modified behaviour upon the loss of a fellow furry friend. These behaviours may include a surge in vocalization, a rise in demand for attention, and loss of appetite, among others. Sometimes, pets also tend to seek out the dead pet’s preferred spot as it is also a part of the grieving process.

Given below are some useful tips that will help your grieving pet:

1. Offer additional exercise and attention

It is always ideal to offer grieving pet some sort of distraction as it will help them shift their attention from their loss. You might offer them their favourite toy as it will help those pets that are withdrawn or disinterested. It will also help your pet with their boredom or anxiety and reinforce your bonding during these trying times. You may also think of taking up some obedience or sporting classes together thus offering your pet something to focus on other death of their furry friend. You may think of creating pet memorials in the memory of your loving pets and visit the memorials as and when you miss them.

2. Choose a routine

When somebody suffers from a low phase or depression, the significance of maintaining routine is always emphasized. A routine can help in promoting good health and wellness. And, the similar is true for pets whether it is a dog or a cat. As a pet owner, you may think of establishing a routine by feeding food to them at the same time every day. Fix their playtime, bathing time, and follow it every day. It will help in minimizing stress on your pet. Dog cremation is a painful moment for everyone and only time can heal this pain.

3. Correct attention at the right time:

If your pet seeks extra attention during their grieving phase, give them the attention only when they ask for it. Don’t go overboard when it comes to providing them attention when they appear to be happy resting in the sun. However, if your pet is displaying harmful behaviour, you must remember that this will pass with time. You should avoid rushing to do anything that unintentionally reinforces this behaviour.

4. Pay attention to their requirements

You should try to encourage your furry friends in activities that will give them what they need. This can include play dates with other four-legged friends, preparing their favourite foods, or venturing out for swimming or hiking with them.


The above four tips will help your grieving pets to a considerable extent. Whether it is cat cremation or dog cremation, you must help your pet overcome the pain. The more cooperation you will offer during this difficult phase, the sooner the pets will return to themselves. It is said that if your pet is grieving healthily, they will return to their normal self at the earliest. You can get in touch with a veterinarian who is well-versed in what to do with your pet during this grieving phase.

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