Should You Store Your Pet’s Remains in an Urn?

The death of a pet is one of the most heart-wrenching moments for pet owners. Cremation has emerged as a widely acceptable choice for pet remains. The main reason behind this is that the conventional methods of resting like burial will require land. Also, there is no guarantee that the grave will not be tampered with or shifted in your absence. Many individuals opt to store their friend’s remains in urns. The major advantage of having your pets’ ashes in an urn is that they will remain safe, respected, and in your control.

Why storing your pets’ ash in an urn is preferred

When you store your pet’s ashes in an urn, it can cause heartache in the beginning. When you are grieving the sudden loss of your pet, it may be tough that you may have to see the urn regularly. It is sometimes better to keep it in a private place in your home instead of displaying it. It is advised to store ashes in an urn and after you have grieved, you can decide whether you desire to keep them at home or not. The major advantage of keeping the pets’ ashes with you is that you will be able to show your respect. Dog cremation is a heart-breaking moment for pet owners. And, it may take a long time to overcome the loss.

Types of urns

Here are some of the types of urn available for your pet ashes:

1. Embroidered stuffed animals urn

Many companies provide embroidered stuffed animal urns. These stuffed animals are largely available in teddy bear shapes, but you can also find these stuffed animals in the shape of cats or dogs. If you find it difficult to find the perfect one, you can find people who specialise in making them. Pet owners undergo tremendous pain after dog cremation or cat cremation. Embroidered stuffed animals urn will help them honour their pets dignifiedly.

2. Personalised animal cremation urn

A large number of companies can produce urns that look like your pet. You can send pictures of your pets and they can conveniently create an animal similar to your pet. You may also select the pose that you want for your animal. It is not difficult to discover a company that produces custom animal cremation urns. You can also give your input to craft an animal urn that will fulfil your needs.

3. Urn containing a message

You will certainly find it great to get an urn which contains a recorded message. You can get it modified as per your requirement for somebody who is grieving the loss of a furry friend.


You can choose the type of urn that will fulfil your requirements. Many people go for pet memorials in the memory of their beloved pets. Some people purchase stuffed animal urns as a gift for pet lovers. It helps them cope with the loss of their pet. They can also hug this gift as and when they miss their pet. Meanwhile, some pet owners decide to cremate their pets but don’t keep the ashes in a bid to remember their pet in a different way.

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