Pet cremation and processing grief

Pet cremation is the last thing any owner wants to think about. But what happens after we lose our beloved pet or that difficult decision to let them go, sadly can’t be avoided. Everyone processes grief differently and we understand just how difficult losing a family member can be. We are here to help owners during these difficult times.

It’s important to vocalise your feelings in a safe environment, free of judgement. Pets at Rest QLD understands this and we can provide you access to grief counsellors. Losing a pet is the same as losing a member of the family. They’ve been around for the big moments, greeted you when you came home, and suddenly they’re just gone. Lollie Barr at Body+Soul wrote a moving article about how to cope with losing a pet after her dog went missing.

It’s time to remember your pet. Pets At Rest Qld will return the ashes of your companion to you within seven days. When that time comes, you can remember your pet with a memorial as you see fit. Some pet owners say a few words in the backyard with the family, have jewellery made or plant a tree in their pet’s memory. Others scatter their pet’s ashes in places of importance.

Having a memorial after a pet cremation can help with processing the grief that comes with a pet passing away. Memorials can help you get closure by ‘finishing your pet’s chapter’ so you can look to the future.

Having a physical memorial close at hand can also give you comfort and help you to remember your pet forever. Little keepsakes are included in pet cremation packages, depending on the service you choose. The Pets at Rest QLD In Loving Memory package includes an engraved wooden heart. It contains your pet’s ashes and a lock of fur, small enough to keep in the palm of your hand.

It’s important to take care of yourself after your pet passes away. We forget to look after our own mental health and pretend that everything is fine, when in reality it feels like the world is crumbling. Talking to a counsellor and saying those few final goodbyes to your companion will help you acknowledge those feelings and start moving on.

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