Pet Cremation and Burial: Deciding What’s Best for You and Your Pet

Pets become an integral member of their owners’ lives. But, when pets say goodbye forever to their owners, it can take months and even years to overcome the loss. You may opt for pet funeral services when faced with such a tragic loss.

Pets offer you emotional support and bring down your stress and loneliness to a significant extent. The presence of pets can enhance your social interaction and help your children understand responsibility. The sudden demise of pets fills the life of their owners with miseries and pain.

Here is some information to help you choose between pet cremation and burial when you lose your beloved furry friend:

Pet cremation

It is worth mentioning that pet cremation has emerged as a cost-effective and popular alternative to burial. When you opt to get your pet cremated, you can also have a memorial. A private pet crematorium will allow you to take care of your four-legged friend. A large number of veterinarians also provide arrangements for pet owners to make the process smooth. You will have the option to have the remains of your pet returned to you. You will come across many stunning urns and containers to store your pet remains and create an ever-lasting memorial. Many pet owners find cremation for pets economical than burial.

Pet burial

Pet owners feel that cemeteries for pets offer a calming and holy place for visiting and remembering your pet. The price of pet burials will differ and will directly depend on the kind of casket you choose and the extent of personalisation. Burying a pet at home is the most popular option. Although some large cities have specific pet cemeteries, most pets are buried on the property of the family they were part of. However, if you choose to bury your pet at home, you will not be able to carry the ashes with you when you relocate. For this reason, cremation is the most popular option.

Benefits of pet cremation

Cremation has emerged as the first and foremost choice for pet owners. If your pet dies under your vet’s care, you can choose to have the vet take care of the cremation arrangements. If not, there are a large number of crematories will handle the transportation of your pet to the facility. They will also return the remains of your pet to you. A reputable service will also ensure that you understand what will happen to your pet so they can respect your wishes. Cremating a dog is a part of a larger, painful process and owners have to endure huge sorrow.

Benefits of pet burial

You should check with the council before you bury your pet in your home or backyard. And, as a rule, you must own the property that you seek to use. The rule for home-burial varies state wise. It will depend on several factors like how the pet died, depth of water table, kind of soil that will play a role in whether you can bury the pet at the house, etc.


Pet cremation is easier and more hassle-free than pet burial. You will come across several options when you search for dog cremation near me online. In many cases, veterinarians also offer to dispose of your beloved pet’s remains. It has also become a convenient option for pet owners. However, some pet owners feel this method of saying goodbye to their pets does not give them closure and impacts the healing process as well.

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