Important Things to Discuss before Choosing Pet Cremation

Pet lovers find it a herculean task to stay strong when they begin to consider cremation for their pets. Pets provide us with so much love, affection, and companionship that their passing causes huge despair. Many pet owners even slip into depression due to the sudden, unexpected death of their family cat or dog. It can take months and sometimes even years to regain their balance of life. Many owners are not prepared when their pets leave them forever; emotionally it is almost impossible to be prepared, but you can prepare in other ways. Pet cremation is one way in which you can 

Below are some important points that you must discuss with your vet before deciding on pet cremation:

Can I afford pet cremation?

If financial stability is a concern for you, one of your main questions might be around the price point. It is an important aspect to consider, that you must discuss with the pet funeral services company. The cost tends to vary according to the options that you select, pets’ weight, and anything additional; it may include cremation cost, pick up cost, viewing the cremation cost, and cost of the urn. It is up to you whether you opt to view the cremation or not. If you seek the ashes to be placed in an urn or similar, there are additional charges. But no matter what your budget is, chat to Pets at Rest QLD to discuss the right option for your financial capabilities. 

When will you receive the Ashes?

Something you may want to discuss prior to choosing pet cremation, is the amount of time that it will take to receive your pets ashes once the pet cremation process is over. At Pets at Rest, pet owners will typically receive their pets remains between 7-10 working days. 

Will my pet be cremated individually?

This is an extremely important question as many crematoriums don’t cremate pets individually, so when it comes to getting you pets ashes, its hard to know if they really are your pets ashes or not. At Pets at Rest we ensure we cremate all pets individually so you can rest assured you are getting your pets ashes. 


When you begin to search ‘dog cremation near me’ online, be prepared to ask the above questions and ensure that the company you choose, can answer all of your questions properly. To have all of the above questions and more, answered, go to It is important to ensure you know what you are to expect ahead of time. An experience such as pet cremation, may not be for everybody and that’s okay, so to be sure, do your research and learn all you can so that if the time comes you are prepared.

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