How to Welcome a New Kitten/Cat into Your Home

Cats are extremely territorial animals so change can be quite disturbing for them; both change in territory and in owner. If you’re getting a kitten, the experience of leaving their mum will be very scary and overwhelming. Similarly, changing a cats’ home can be as equally as scary. So, to ensure the transition is as painless and smooth as possible we’ve got some tips to help you help them.


Keep them Inside:
Keeping your kitten or cat inside for a few days is a good way to ensure they become accustomed to their new home and get comfortable with their new family. It also lessens the chances of them trying to run away. However, if they do escape don’t chase after them (unless an indoor cat) as this makes them feel trapped and like they can’t trust you.


Take it Slow:
Whatever you do, don’t hurry them along, or pressure them to spend time with you. If it is a cat, don’t pick it up too much, just let it inspect and relax on its own accord. Cats are very curious, but also very independent creatures – so ensure you don’t challenge their independence.


Offer Safe Hiding Places:
Cats love to hide, especially if they’re entering a new space – it comforts them to be able to escape. Create hiding place by putting pillows and sheets up against couches. Keep it safe in a low-traffic area.


Cat-Proof Your Home:
There are a number of common plants that are actually poisonous to cats, so ensure you do research into the plants you have at home and around the garden. Additionally, any easily breakable objects or dangerous objects should be removed or relocated.


Get a Scratcher:
Cats love to scratch! So, whatever you do, you must ensure you have a scratch post, or alike to ensure they don’t tear up any furniture.


Get Cat Toys:
Cat toys are always a hit! Cats love to play, kittens even more so – in fact kittens almost won’t stop playing. So, stock up on cat toys, with bells, and long strings or if you really want to treat your cat, electronic mouses are the pick of the bunch.


Welcoming your new cat/kitten into your home might seem overwhelming to begin with, especially with this list of things you have to do to prepare. But once they become settled, which shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks, it all will have been worth it to have a happy little kitty settled and comfortable.

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