How to Encourage your child to keep their Pet’s Memory Alive

Children are attached to their pets due to many reasons; pets are a source of entertainment, they share a special bond, and also pets become a reason for social interaction. But when a pet dies, due to the immense attachment, children find it difficult to adept this fact that their beloved furry friend has passed away. Services for cremation for dogs offer various memorial products that they deliver right after cremation. In order to help children to come out of the grief, encouraging them to keep their pet’s memory alive is crucial.

Here are a few things you can do to encourage your child to keep his pet’s memories alive:

1. Keepsakes

Sometimes, a child just needs to be alone with the memory of their beloved pet. There should be something that reminds them of good times. Keepsakes are a better way of keeping a pet’s memory alive in the hearts of everyone. For example, the ashes of a pet from a dog cemetery can be used as a keepsake.

2. Scrapbook

Take some time to create a beautiful scrapbook with your children. The scrapbook should contain all the happy memories and should remind your child of happy times. According to some doctors, it is healthier to document good memories of a dead pet as it helps a person to recover.

3. Candles

Candles are said to give peace of mind. They release stress and take the mind on a peaceful journey. Various pet cremation services are available which provide you with door to door personalised services delivering ashes in a memorial box along with a lit candle at your doorstep. The memorial box and candle remind the children of their beloved pet and help them accept their new reality. Dog cremation cost can be extremely reasonable, especially when you take up a service that offers cremation as well as memorials.

4. Create a memory spot

If you have any quiet spaces outdoors like a flower garden, then you can dedicate a portion of that space to your late pet. You may choose to place a memorial stone with your pet’s name engraved on it with a sweet message. Every time your children pass that space, it will remind them of their beloved pet.


These were some of the meaningful ways by which your child can keep the memory alive with the help of pet cremation services. Although it’s hard to manage grief after a death, teaching your child to be strong can help.

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