Four Warning Signs that your Dog is Unwell

The death of a pet can be one of the most painful experiences for an owner. Many owners breakdown during their pet funeral and require lots of time to cope with such tragic loss and to learn how to move on. The very thought of saying bye forever to your furry companion may bring tears to your eyes. But, death is inevitable and comes to every mortal being. When it comes to your pet, you must be aware of the vital signs that will indicate that your pet’s death is nearing. 

Here are some important warning signs that you should not overlook:

1. Change in lifestyle:

When your pet’s final days are near, their appetite may decrease. Similarly, they may only begin to eat a specific food eg only biscuits, but never wet food. While their appetite may change, it is really important to encourage regular and consistent eating habits to ensure they are sustained and have as much energy as possible.

2. Lethargic:

Your pet may become lethargic and begin sleeping for a longer duration than normal. Along with increased sleep patterns, your pet may also begin to display a lack of interest in their typical day to day activities. During this crucial juncture, you should offer them lots of love, affection and support. Showering them in love will go a long way, you may also wish to make them nice and comfortable with a blanket and their favourite toy/s. When your pet seeks isolation and social detachment, you should respect their desire but ensure that you are still monitoring their behaviour and eating habits. You may also start the preparation of pets cremation if their situation deteriorates at a rapid rate.

3. Change in gum colour:

Change in gum colour from pinkish to pale blue or white is yet another sign that will indicate your pet’s death is nearing. Gym discolouration often occurs due to a system failure which may include liver disease, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and other serious illness. During such a situation, a vet visit will be in order to identify the underlying issue/s. During these difficult times, the last thing you will want to do is googling pet cremation cost however it is important to prepare your budget accordingly especially if expensive vet trips are on the cards.

4. Irregular breathing:

When you notice that your pet is experiencing irregular and uneven breathing patterns, they may be suffering from a serious illness. Irregular or laboured breathing is often a result of fluid in the chest. Yet again, it is important to take your special friend to the vet to learn more about the issues at hand.


You must observe the above-mentioned four signs closely. If any of them begin to occur, take the necessary steps. Nothing can prepare you for your dog funeral. Furry friends share a powerful bond with their owners and cause huge sadness when they pass away. Many pet owners slip into depression when their pets die, this is very common. To make things easier on you, prepare for the sad day in advance by contacting Pets at Rest QLD.

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