Handling your first holiday without your pet

Your pet was a member of the family and always will be. You celebrated milestones and events with them but now they’re gone. Handling your first holiday without them is going to be tough but you can soldier on.


What can I do when I feel so hollow?

This is a question lots of people ask after a loss, so we have a list of ways that will help you deal with the grief.


  • Acknowledge you ARE in fact, in mourning

Losing a pet isn’t much different to losing a human companion. You’ll feel the same myriad of emotions that come with mourning. There’s a sense of injustice plus anger, as well as an overwhelming sadness. After a prolonged period of crying, you might feel empty, like there’s nothing left to give. But you shouldn’t feel ashamed, or let others make you feel that way. You know why?


Because it’s totally normal.


  • People will not understand

Those who haven’t experienced the same loss as you will no doubt be slightly confused. They might even question why you’re still sad. Don’t snap at them or unleash your anger; you’ll just feel worse.

Confide in someone close to you who you can trust. Counsellors are professionally trained and deal with these issues everyday. You can also speak with a friend or relative who’s gone through the same thing, or has a good ear.

Distract yourself

Don’t be idle, you’ll just wallow in your loss. And you’re allowed to feel down in the dumps, but if you let it consume you it’s hard to break out of.

During the holidays, charity causes are in full swing. To distract yourself, do some volunteer work at the shelter where you adopted your pet. You can also donate to other causes. Do something that makes you feel good as well as others.

Do something with the kids


  • Do something for your pet

After the pet cremation you might wonder what else you can do to honour your companion. Australia’s summer is a lot easier to work in compared to winter, so why not plant something in the garden? Your dog might’ve buried bones in a certain spot. If you had a pet bird it’s a fun idea to install a birdbath in the backyard.


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