Different Ways to Honour your Pets Ashes

The death of one’s pet can be a really tough phase for any owner. Your furry friends leave a forever impact on your life. They bring joy and excitement in our monotonous regular life. To be able to honor their final moments and bid them a peaceful goodbye, many pet cremation practices are being done. You too can choose one of the many ways to cherish your pet’s memories from the following list:

1. The branches of memories:

The most beautiful way to perhaps cremate your pet’s ashes is by returning them to the soil. It’s also a way of ending the natural life cycle. What gave birth, returns back to its origins. Plant your pet’s ashes into the soil and grow a tree named by the pet. This, therefore, is a Dog cremation or a pet’s cremation that is living and everlasting.

2. An artistic painting:

You can also create a painting of your pet by an artist. You can use your pet’s ashes by mixing it with the paint colours. These colours can be used to make the final painting. This painting can be made using one of your favourite picture of your pet. Your final tribute to your pet can be hanged in your pet’s room or favourite place.

3. A stuffed toy:

The touch of your furry members is perhaps the most beautiful feeling for their owners. After all, they were your favourite cozy living pillow! These small habits and acts of your pets can be honoured by converting their ashes into a stuffed toy resembling your pet. Cremation can be an extremely tasking job – mentally and spiritually. Knowing they are right next to you, will keep your pet and you at peace and harmony.

4. Shine like a diamond:

The apple to your eye – your pet, when they die, you miss them inevitably and immensely. Cat cremation or cremation of any pet can be the harshest phase of one’s life. You can ease this painful and torturous phase by tributing your pet in the most honourable way possible. A good tribute could be to turn your beloved pet’s ashes into a diamond. Nowadays, advanced technology helps one create diamonds out of their pet’s and family member’s ashes.

5. Rocketing to heaven:

We all hope that our pets find the stairway to heaven. Our beloved pets who have brought in our lives nothing but joy deserve to be in the safe and sound doors of heaven. A beautiful tribute is to convert your pet’s ashes into a firecracker and shoot them to the sky. This may sound bizarre at first, but don’t we all wish to help our pet’s rest in peace? Hoping that in the sky they seek the stairway to heaven!


Death is inevitable. We know within a few years our pets will no longer accompany us in our boring lives. This period can be filled with loneliness and pain. But to know that your pets were well-honored in their cremation and have found peace, this helps the mourners feel content. To make this process of grief a little easier, honor your pets by preparing beautiful pet memorials that put your heart to content!.

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