4 Common Myths about Pet Cremation

Pets are an integral part of many families all across the globe. They provide you with unconditional love and care. There is a strong bond between pets and their owners; they are like family. So, when pets suffer, it causes enormous pain to their owners. And, the situation becomes unbearable when pets die and bid goodbye to their owners forever. The popularity of pets cremation has surged recently. And, the surge continues as a large number of pet owners learn about pet cremation as an affordable and loving alternative for their late pets. Today we will be discussing some of the myths about Pet Cremation that exist in society today.

1. Cremation involves burning a pet’s body:

Some people believe that cremation will include setting the pet’s body on fire. However, this is not the truth. The body of the pet is placed into a cremation chamber and the chamber will produce an enormous amount of heat. The extreme level of heat will help in breaking down the body to its basic elements. Therefore, the heat, instead of the flames, does all the work during the pet funeral procedure.

2. Process of cremating humans and pets are different:

Rumours have been emerging that humans and pets are cremated differently. However, this is not true. The procedure of human and pets cremation is almost exactly the same.

3. You won’t receive your pet’s ashes:

Many people are under the assumption that when you opt for pet cremation, you don’t receive your pet’s ashes rather, another pets ashes or a mixture of both. However, a large number of pet crematoriums (like Pets at Rest) are equipped with a powerful cremation process in place which helps in ensuring that you will get your pets’ ashes instead of someone else. At Pets at Rest we cremate all pets individually, so you never have to fear that you won’t receive your pets ashes.

4. You can scatter ashes wherever you please:

This, unfortunately, is not true. If you are keen to scatter your beloved furry friend’s ashes on your favourite spot in your yard and you don’t own your home, you may require your landlord’s permission.


Death is an uneasy topic that’s for sure. And, when it comes to your pet’s death, it may take years to fill the void. But, nothing is permanent. Pet owners must find their way through the pain. Once way to prepare for the loss and get things sorted properly and with ease is though Pet Cremation. Search online pet cremation cost today and begin organising a tough time that you will be so happy you planned for when it comes.

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