3 Things to Do With Your Pets Cremated Ashes

It is natural to be heart-broken when a beloved pet dies suddenly. Pet owners have to consider the several pet burial alternatives while coping with the tragic loss of their pet. Pet owners share huge love and a strong bond with their pets. A pet is not just a pet but becomes an integral member of the family over the years. And, when pet owners lose their furry friends they look for the best ways to honour their lives in a special way.

Here are the things that you can do with your pets’ ashes to remember them forever:

1. Retain the ashes at home

Many pet owners like to keep their pets’ ashes in their home this keeps their memory in the family. This is possible with cremation as pet owners have several options for attractive pet urns and memorials. These can be displayed in the homes where the pet had once lived and shared many happy moments. You can also preserve your furry friends’ ashes in your home forever or just for a little while. You will get several alternatives when you browse pet cremation near me.

2. Bury ashes

Some pet owners prefer to bury the ashes of their pet. It has emerged as one of the most popular options among pet owners. Some choose to bury their pets’ ashes in their garden area. You might also look for other places as well when it comes to burying your cremated pets’ ashes. Some pet cemeteries are suitable for burying ashes. When you decide to bury the ashes in a cemetery, you can get a chosen area that you may decorate with memorabilia, flowers, or both. You can also get a personalised headstone made in your furry friends’ name and engraved with a special message on it. Whether it is pet cremation or horse cremation, pet owners face huge grief.

3. Scatter your pets’ ashes

The yet another popular alternative available for pet owners is to scatter the ashes. You can do this at a spot that your pet always loved. It may include the beach, garden area, or local park. However, you must obtain the necessary permission prior to scattering the ashes of your voiceless friend in public space. As the method is gaining popularity, you can buy urns designed for scattering the ashes. You can purchase these urns with a hassle-free opening and closing device thus permitting you to scatter your pets’ ashes at several spots. You may also retain some portion of the ashes in your home.


You may opt any of the above alternatives when you lose your furry friend. Many pet owners recently discovered the option of creating a tree memorial in the memory of their pets. When you decide to cremate a dog, you can turn the pet’s ashes into a beautiful living tree.  Pet owners feel that such options help them overcome the grief of losing their pets. They can always cherish their pet’s memories forever by watching the tree grow.

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